Out of all the characters you have made, who is your most favourite? :3

YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CHOOSE. I love all of them, but I think if I had to choose… Cranky and Carrot probably. XD

They’re the cutest and have a lot of personality.

Chen, how did Plu and Dennis have met and where did Plu's name come from anyway?

They are humongous mountains that go all around Planet Fleur.

They met on those mountains and fell in love. They meet there from time to time.

Plu’s name came from a rubber band I found. It said Asparagus Plu and I was like “Hey that’d make a great character name.” Her first name is actually Asparagus, and her middle name is Plu, but she prefers to be called Plu.

Chen, to reply from an earlier post, how considerate Ai is of others or anything for that matter?

She takes how her teammates feel into consideration. Like if they’re sick or hurt she’ll do her best to help them. She also looks up to King Zogun so she’ll do the same for him.

She basically doesn’t care about anyone else really, so she’ll manipulate them, steal from them, and basically do anything to get her way without considering how they’ll feel about it. She’s a dick to everyone but Rii, Keiji, and King Zogun.

Chen, when did you created your first planet and characters?

Cranky was back when I was 3-4ish. Blue, Quepie, Cherry, Cloudo, Clouda, Nana, and Sparkle came a few years later. Everyone else and the planets came 2009 to now.

Chen, how considerate are you talking about was Ai when it comes to anything?

I don’t quite understand the question.

Pssst, Piquant is french for spicy, not prickly ;) Also POKEMON ahh this is glorious I am never putting this game down ever

Ah man. That dictionary lied to me. POKEMON IS GREAT! Now you can pet and feed cake to your ninja frog and whatever other Pokémon you get.

Chen, do you know why the two plant races on Piquant don't like each other very much?

They’re basically racist against each other. The Daizees think Piquants are wild savages and the Piquants think Daizees are selfish snobs. And it took off from there.

Chen, what powers Ai had learned by now? And do any of your characters have or will learn new powers and techniques?

Well she has the ability to lurk in shadows kinda like the Shadow Sirens from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. She can also do all sorts of ninjustu.

Carrot will probably learn some more things other than just blowing out fire. Cranky gets a hammer that is kinda useless at first. I don’t think it can be used for fighting.

Chen, what does the species name Piquant mean and who's Dennis anyway?

It’s French for prickly if I remember correctly. Dennis is a Daizee. He lives across the border that separates Piquants from Daizees. The two species don’t get along all that much.


Bikini Bottom just got real..

Chen, what species did Plu come from and what inspired you to create her in the first place?

She’s a Piquant. I needed more plant aliens. I can’t really remember why I made her.

Chen, how old is Plu in Earth years and did she have a crush on anyone?

She’s around 28-30. She has a crush on Dennis, another alien on her planet.

Chen, what does Skater like to do besides making inventions?

He does some killer skate tricks with his friends Skider and Scooter.

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